How Green Tea Aids Weight Loss

There are a number of different ways in which people can help themselves to lose weight. Some are easier than others while some are actually enjoyable to do. This article takes a look at one of those enjoyable and easy ways of boosting your weight reduction aspirations, which is as simple as sitting down to drink a cup of tea!

The tea in question, which this website is dedicated to in particular, is green tea and the way in which it can boost your efforts to lose a few extra pounds is about as easy as they come. The drinking of the tea itself is only a part of the process, but a necessary part nonetheless. The rest is also simple, although it takes a little practise to get really good at it. But it is something that you will also enjoy and the more you do it, the more you will enjoy it. The additional "it" is relaxation and meditation and here is why it is an important adjunct to losing weight.

But first, the reason why this health giving tea and slimming go hand in hand is in the main part because of its relaxing properties. There are other properties of this tea that help the body to prevent the build-up of fat storage, but they have already been covered in another article, which you can read here: Green Tea and Weight Loss if you wish. But here, we'll concentrate on the relaxing side of the tea.

When you are relaxed, you are more able to see things clearly. Your body is better able to perform all of its routine tasks, such as:

The fact is that body does all these tasks far more efficiently when you are relaxed than it can when you are stressed or in a high state of physical activity.

Is the light going on yet?

Hint: Digestive System Efficiency!

When your digestive system is working more efficiently, it will actually cause less of the unwanted visceral (or belly) fat to be stored because more of the constituents of what you have consumed will be processed and used by the areas of the body that need them. This is a very desirable state for you to achieve especially if you not only want to lose weight but to help prevent weight gain, which is also very important.

And you can achieve this state by making sure your body is relaxed.

You can do that by relaxing your mind.

Drinking green tea helps you relax and so does meditation, because to reach a meditative state, you employ deep breathing exercises coupled with mental clearance and stillness. It makes a lot of sense to practise this mental and physical state shortly after eating your main meal of the day.

So instead of sitting down to watch the television or read a newspaper as so many people do after their main meal, consider going off to a quiet room in the house with a nice cup of green tea and after drinking it slowly, practise some meditation for twenty minutes or so. The benefits to your health, state of mind and physical body are enormous!