Should You Drink Green Tea Or Take Pills

Many studies and news have raved about the health benefits of green tea. It has been found to increase cognitive and have anti-cancer properties, not to mention very powerful free radical fighting anti-oxidants. But it is best known for it weight loss properties.

It revs up your metabolism which makes your body burn more fat. There are even some speculations that it might also work as an appetite suppressant, but the studies are not yet conclusive on that matter.

The good news about the health benefits this beverage possessess are the reason why green tea sells so well in it's teabag form and as pills. But which one is better when it comes health benefits: pills or tea?

The Popularity of Tea

Tea is very popular all over Asia and it has been for ages. In fact Asians consume more tea than coffee. Which is quite opposite to western countries where we drink coffee like water.

At the same time Asian population is much healthier, which is the reason why all these studies on the health benefits of tea started. So it would stand to reason that tea is better drunk as tea, but that might not be the case.

Tea is made by brewing the leaves in hot water. There is a problem with this as hot water can destroy the fragile anti-oxidants in the leaves. Also some of the anti-oxidants and other beneficial substances will stay in the leaves instead of dissolving in the water.

So ideally you should eat the leaves to get all the benefits, but I have not heard of a person that does this. Drinking tea is not harmful, you just wont get all the health benefits. Just make sure that you drink organic tea. You don't want all those synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Are Green Tea Supplements Effective?

When it comes to green tea weight loss supplements you will be getting all parts of the tea leaf rather than just the parts that dissolve in the water. But not all supplements are the same.

You need to make sure that you are getting green tea extract which is much more potent than just the leaves. In fact supplements that do not contain extract are just basically filled with the contents of the teabag.

So if you want to get all the weight loss benefits of green tea then stick to pills. Although that said, there are some tea bags available that are spiked with the same extract as pills, but they can be expensive.