Why Green Tea is Good for You

Have you ever wondered why drinking green tea regularly is said to be so good for your health as well as helping you lose weight and fight disease? Have you heard about its healthful properties but were not sure how they actually worked on your body to keep it in tip top condition?

If you were ever wondering what all the fuss about green tea and its weight loss properties was about, then this article should go some way to helping you understand that. The knowledge that this drink has many health giving properties has been in existence for thousands of years as scholars in the ancient Chinese civilizations knew of the benefits long before we in the west started to "discover" them for ourselves.

So here are some of the ways in which drinking this amazing beverage can help you with your plans to lose some weight and improve and maintain your health.


First of all, its antioxidant properties have been known for many years. This enables it to help your body to remove harmful free radicals which are substances that cause cellular damage.

This damage can lead to premature aging as well as cause illnesses such as cancer. By averting these health conditions, your health is given a boost making you stronger and more able to work with complimentary slimming solutions to achieve your goals.

There are three main ways in which this beverage can help you to not only gain a more healthful disposition but also to manage your body's size while helping to reduce heaviness and increase energy.

  1. Caffeine

    It is no great secret that this tea packs a punch when it comes to its caffeine content. While this is lower than black tea or coffee, it combines with other constituents of the tea to make that caffeine much more effective at boosting the body's metabolism enabling it to burn more calories faster.

    This, of course leads to a more effective loss of weight while increasing the body's ability to burn excess fat.
  2. Insulin Response Inhibitor

    Another property of green tea is its ability to reduce the insulin response to sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. By suppressing the insulin response, which causes the excess sugars to be carried away to be converted and stored as fat, the compounds present in the drink effectively reduce the amount of fat that is stored in the body when you eat foods that are high in refined sugars or high GI (Glycemc Index) carbohydrates.

    This is highly beneficial in inhibiting the amount of fat and particularly visceral fat that the body will store when it metabolizes sugars. It is also highly effective at helping to lower the numbers of fatty particulates circulating in the blood stream, such as triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.
  3. Stress Buster

    Lastly, another property of this beverage is that it relaxes you and reduces stress. Stress is another factor that causes the body to store excess fat molecules.

    By reducing the stress in a person, you indirectly reduce the tendency to gain weight through this means. It also helps with balancing the body and improving overall mood.

So there we have three ways this ancient beverage can help you to lose weight and maintain a healthy body as well. But there is much more to it than just helping to reduce and manage body mass.

Energy Stabilizer

By helping to regulate the balance the levels of sugar in the bloodstream by suppressing the insulin response, it also prevents spikes and crashes in blood sugar saturation. Left unchecked, this would ultimately result in that feeling of fatigue and listlessness common in people who eat a diet high in high GI carbs.

However, when the tea is drunk regularly, blood sugar levels are more stable leading to a reduction in these negative symptoms and less cravings to eat more of the same foods, resulting in higher energy levels and a more alert and awake feeling throughout the day.

Cancer Fighter

Many trials have been conducted into the way in which antioxidants help the body to reduce the instance of cancerous cells forming and tumors growing. The active compound EGCG found in green tea has been shown to actually suppress the growth of lung cancer cells, while it has also been observed halting the spread of colorectal cancer cells.

Prostate cancer is a fearsome condition for many men, but drinking this tea every day can help to cause these cancer cells to commit suicide and cause the size of a tumor in this area to actually reduce. Other cancers respond similarly.


There have also been many trials into the anti-aging properties found in ECGC. It appears to be as much as 200 times as potent at destroying the free radicals that damage the skin as vitamin E.

I already mentioned its ability to help reduce stress and stress is another well known cause of premature aging. By reducing stress, it effectively helps to slow down the aging process especially when combined with eating a healthy, natural diet and avoiding many of the harmful factors of modern life such as smoking, excess alcohol intake and being exposed to high levels of air and water pollution.

Drinking this tea has many benefits and if owning a slimmer, healthier physical body is one of the ways in which you want to improve your life, then it can help you achieve that.